Style and cosiness

CIn the immediate vicinity of the town center, there is a place where magnificent spirit, style, coziness and modern amenities can be found.


From the General Gurko guest house veranda you will see the Asenevci Monument, Sveta Gora hill and the Yantra River - a view that should not be missed.

More about the house

Guest House "General Gurko" is nestled at one of the most beautiful streets in the town. The house was built in 1922, the original idea being to welcome prominent Bulgarian intellectuals and revivalists. Subsequently the house underwent a change and became a tavern. Passed through various transformations, Guest House "General Gurko" is ready to welcome you. In close proximity to the town center and all historical sights.

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If you are looking for tranquility, pleasant atmosphere and beauty and at the same time want to feel the spirit of past times, it is time to visit Veliko Tarnovo. General Gurko Guest House is a unique place, located in close proximity to the town center and revealing stunning views of the Asenevtsi Monument, Yantra River and Sveta gora hill. You will escape from usual tourism and you will dive into the atmosphere in one place that you probably did not even suspected exisits. The silence of the street is a guarantee of tranquility, which we invite you to enjoy.

Old Town Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Turnovo is a town of past and modern times, of legends and reality, rich cultural heritage and intensive public life. It is the intersection of generations of Bulgarians and keeps the spirit of past epochs sealed in every stone. The city where you feel and breathe the history and majesty of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom from every corner.


Need Holiday ?

You are tired of the working week monotony, you want to relax in a quiet place, but at the same time you are not ready to give up the urban comforts. If apart from taking a rest, you want to enrich your knowledge of history and to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Bulgarian Revival, then it is time to come to us.

Sights around the city



The house with the Monkey

  The house with the Monkey of Nikola Koiuv is a Renaissance house in the center of Veliko Tarnovo. It was built by Usta Kolyo Ficheto in 1849. The name of the house comes from the monkey sculpture high above the ground floor. The famous collector of Bulgarian antiquaries Stefan Penev-Akhtar (about 1806 – 1860) […]

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Monument Assenevtsi

The Asenevtsi Monument is dedicated to кings Asen, Peter, Kaloyan and Ivan Assen II. It was built in 1985, at the age of 800 years since the rebellion of the Assen and Peter brothers. The sword around which the four Asseneans are situated symbolizes the power and the rise of medieval Bulgaria. Asenevtsi are three […]

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